Are You Disposing Your Old IT Equipment Environmentally Friendly?

Claritymicro has partnered with Dcal to help save the environment by recycling your old computers and electronic components.

We will pick up your equipment at your various locations. Equipment that is not re-sellable will go directly to Dcalís facility here in St. Louis. Dcal is a computer-recycling center that is registered with both the EPA and the State of Missouri Department of Natural Resources and meets all their respective requirements.

The Strength of Our Joint Offering Is In Our Verifiable Process and Reporting.

At the St. Louis location Dcal has a 57,000 square foot facility which features a large shredder for computer, hard drives, and other electronic components. We work with businesses, schools, residents and other processing facilities to keep e-waste out of our landfills and in compliance with Missouriís laws.

We also disassemble CRT and Computer monitors and the leaded glass is sent to a smelter for proper disposal.

Together both Claritymicro and Dcal have on-line Asset Management tools. Together we offer our customers online asset management for companies to verify the equipment we have received at our facilities. We also offer our customers to view this information at our secure password protected web site.

Claritymicro will go through your IT equipment on a piece by piece method, and if any equipment is deemed re-sellable it will be sanitized and sold through our various retail channels, and 15% of the profits will be returned to our customers.

With our Joint partnership with Dcal you are guaranteed that none of your IT assets will ever go to the landfill.

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